1. Is the bag real leather?

The bag is guarantee to be 100% made of real leather which is imported to match with the original made. We use a range of leathers depending on what is used by the authentic brand on the original bag.

2 .What does the bag come with?

Most of bags come with a box, a dust bag and authenticity cards. Not all brands with box(such as Hermes) so we only send the items you can expect with the original.

3. What kind of replica quality are your bags?

We sell 1:1 mirror image replicas. These are the best replicas available in the replica market.

4. Why are your bags more expensive than other sites?

It is because our leathers are imported, so our costs are higher than others using domestic leathers. Also our craftsmanship is the best, we have to pay high salary to hire professional craftsmen. Therefore, our bags are more expensive than others. However, we guarantee our bags are the best in the market.

5. Where do you ship? What is the cost of shipping?

We ship internationally to most countries around the world and provide FREE SHIPPING. We also provide a discount when you purchase multiple bags per order.

6. How long does it take to ship?

Processing order takes 1-3 business days, and 5-11 business days to reach the destination country. We provide a tracking number that you can track the item status online.

7. Will I be charged taxes/duty fees?

99% of our clients do not need to pay any taxes or duty fees. However, this is controlled by your local customs, and Amazingbags cannot control it and is not responsible for any taxes/duties.  We are not responsible for the parcel seized by customs as well. We will mark parcel as gifts and declare it at a low value to avoid customs charges and it works for most of the time.

8. How can I order?

You simply add an item to your cart and checkout. If you want a color not listed simply mention it in your order notes or send email to us to confirm it before paying for your order. If your item is not listed at all, please send an email to us to inquire about the availability.

9. How do I request the receipt?

Additional $5 US will be charged for a receipt. Please let us know when sending your order email that you want a receipt. Please be aware that this might increase the chance of getting duty fees being levied if the parcel is inspected by customs.

10. Do you have any products not listed?

We add new products every now and then. If you are looking for a product that is not listed on our website, please feel free to send us an email to inquire it.

11. How can I check the status of my order?

You can email to [email protected] to receive an update.

12. Do you provide wholesale pricing?

Amazingbags supports many third party sellers that purchase wholesale from us and run their own successful businesses. We can provide wholesale pricing per request. Please email to [email protected] with a specific product list or request wholesale pricing.

13. What is the main difference between your bags and the original bags from the official stores?

Our bags are over 95% accurate or some of the serial numbers might be out of date compared to the original ones. However none of these differences are visual, and in many cases the craftsmanship of bags are better than the original. Since the materials are imported, our bags are in top quality but the price is just 10% of the originals, so the differences are negligible.

14. Will the bag I buy look like the ones in the pictures?

We guarantee the bag you receive is what you see is what get as the pictures.

15. What if my bag has a quality issue? Will you help me?

We have a warranty on our bags and will gladly help with the repair or replacement of any issues deemed to be quality or production issues. Please contact our customer service if you need assistance with this.

16. What currency are your prices listed in?

All prices are in US dollars.